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Discover a new standard for news at Tousi TV. Because truth, freedom, and democracy are worth fighting for.

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Fed up with the spin and dishonesty that pervade mainstream media? Look no further. Tousi TV stands at the forefront of independent news, championing the unfiltered truth across the United Kingdom. We are not just part of the New Media movement; #WeAreTheMedia.

Mahyar Tousi

- Founder of

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We Are The Media!

Delve into a wide array of topics, from the latest in international news to thought-provoking op-eds that challenge the status quo.

Our Misson

At the heart of Tousi TV lies a steadfast commitment to safeguard freedom, democracy, and the cherished values that make the western civilisation great. We confront the ideologies of socialism, big government, and collectivism head-on, providing a platform for voices that champion liberty.

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Tousi TV transcends traditional boundaries by offering a rich array of content on our website. Dive into meticulously researched news articles, join vibrant discussions in our chat forums, and gain exclusive access to Tousi TV+ for premium content that deepens your understanding of the issues that matter most.

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As we lead the New Media revolution from Britain, Tousi TV is more than a news channel—it's a community. A space where free thinkers gather to challenge the status quo and empower each other in the fight for a free and fair society.

We Are The Media

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Mahyar Tousi

- Founder of

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