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      The next general election, why don’t we do as the Italians have done, elect a bunch of real clowns to run the country, they can’t do any worse

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      Pretty much foregone conclusion.

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      What we need in this country is a Prime Minister that is proud to be the leader of our country as a whole. I want someone that puts the needs of the people here before the Globalists and other corrupted organisations

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      Hi what’s needed is a person who loves the country and has the best interests of its citizens and work on behalf of the people who have voted them in! The government should be for and about the people they are supposed to work on behalf of the British people, delivering promises that were made! Instead we have a Government who deliver everything for themselves and just absolutely rogues, cheats and thief’s! Most of them should be jailed and investigations taking place and have most if not all booted out of positions! They don’t give a stuff about this country and looking like more and more foreigners are getting in and stealing our values and culture even more! We voted twice for Brexit and even that as we were first promised wasn’t delivered, hence we still being controlled by EU and paying out to them! As I believe in 1975 (year was born many said we joined EU without a vote!). We stuck at moment with a party we didn’t actually vote on! After the shambles of Covid with Boris and the proven lack of leadership, murders in care homes and Rishi being Chancellor of the den of thieves how are they not in jail and Rishi PM??? We all screwed as there’s nothing out there to vote for who’s better! We need a party that puts the people nation and values of the British people first!

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      Am sure there are plenty in the house who would fit the bill as the saviour but very few if any would last long because the the black shirt civil servants who actually run the country would stop them doing sensible things such as no to net zero a complete divorce from the EU and ECHR, the WEF the WHO etc etc deport any non national that commits crime etc etc
      Its never going to happen ut what will happen with Starmer will be civil war

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        Vote Britain First every chance you get and save our Great Nation.

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      I don’t want to vote Labour or Conservative but I don’t want to lose a vote as there isn’t enough Lib Dem or stronger parties

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      Anyone who enters politics to make the difference we wish to see.

      Well, let’s just say it. They won’t last long.
      Hit pieces in the lamestream media. Inside interference from their party.
      And the opposition party.

      Now we have the political stance of “can’t get our own way, we’ll just fire bomb you”

      I hate to say it, and it shouldn’t be this way, but I can see a need for force to be applied to get our country back.

      I don’t wish to see it, but I refuse to deny it.

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      Definitely if I get opportunity to vote Reform I will vote for these in this upcoming general election, we need new blood and rid of the red and blue mentality!!

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      Or even Britain First or Reform I will vote for! Yes they may be nightmare too, but have to try anything that’s new rather than the same old either red or blue! Can’t knock it until we try it but we need new people in charge! Can things get any worse than they are? I got two house rabbits and there’s also Tousi’s bun bun, there’s three members of a start of a new political party, and they would do a much better job!!

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      Ann D

      I’ll be voting Reform. I’d always voted Labour being from Tyneside but “lent”my vote to the Tories who I’d always despised because of the Brexit promising Boris. At the time I was happy but then the shit hit the fan and it all fell to bits in the wash and the slimy robotic “long term economic plan” super rich traitors stole the reigns off a severely damaged Boris. And there all hope died. This lot think we’re idiots who actually believe them! This lot don’t have a CLUE what we are all worried about IE the rapid islamification of the place by the invading army “wide awake” sleeper cells (let alone the Chinese & Russian equivalents).
      I HAVE to place my trust in reform to at the least severely damage the Tories because Labour will win and we’ll be well fkd with their open borders etc etc etc. Damage this time, become the second party if not by seats (definitely won’t happen) then by vote count by coming second everywhere possible and then work on the next GE in 5 years. By then Tice will hopefully have been swapped by someone with a personality and without his foot in his mouth & although not everyone is into Garage or Anderson they’re big names who get people roused (not aroused ewww) and maybe… Just maybe we can kick on from there.

Viewing 9 reply threads
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