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      The reason for this question isn’t just to have variety, but to actually see if we can counter the mainstream narrative. The liberal side use media but also our culture, including movies and music, to dominate the conversation and brainwash our kids. Is it time to fight back?

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      Go for it! You should also look at joke documentaries too for entertainment like Brass Eye or The Day Today

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        I’m not sure this is a fight you can win.
        Certain games (deemed appropriate for children) target kids quite young, encourage them into gaming groups, then coerce them onto certain social media platforms as they try to progress within those groups.
        As an example, a YouTuber called Mysticat recently streamed a competition on Minecraft called MCC.
        I watched some of that stream, wherein grown men/women act as animals (a cat) or children, and discussed sexuality – one is Bisexual, one is gay, the other a furry, what their pronouns are, etc.
        Heavily politicised and (imo) inappropriate for my children.
        If you attempted similar with children to the contrary, you would be branded and shut down.

        Apparently, there are new laws in Canada (as an example of how things are fast evolving) where you can no longer legally offend the rainbow crowd (RebelNews had a football pitch incident recently).

        There are other games with similar target audience and tactics. They are literally destroying and weaponising the gaming industry (imo).
        Unless experienced with gaming community networks and clans/guilds/teams/etc, you might not notice it. At around 13 years old, I started community building online. We communicated with other groups, spanning numerous games and platforms. Founded a clan on a base game, which I organised for about 12 years.
        I retired because of the direction things were heading, even back then. Now, things have… evolved.

        You could maybe try a cartoon series, but kids tv would take a lot of resources from other pressing matters. A spitting Image type skit could be fun?
        Saving the kids should be best left to their parents. Just provide support/advice to parents wanting to defend their kids. Maybe an idea for a daytime show: Mommy and Daddy talk (share experiences/advice/info amongst parents)?

        I don’t come here for entertainment per se.
        I’m boring. I need news. I need to know what’s happening, then have somewhere to challenge my thoughts on a subject, or learn new things.
        I tend to voice against the flow, to challenge groupthink, but sometimes post one a number of perspectives that I am considering.

        Maybe giveaway competitions, a raffle/lottery event, or a daily puzzle or something might add a fun element? I always did enjoy crosswords and sudokus in the papers.

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      I don’t find a lot of stuff funny anymore, I have a dark sense of humour.

      Then again I grew up watching Black Adder, we need to take back comedy. Something that pushes limits gets people thinking about and discussing the thoughts it creates about issues.

      Or just something that rips the piss out of everything and everyone I’m good with either.

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      I loved the skits from Israel, when they mocked the BBC, UN and University Students. I felt it showed their strength of character in the face of adversity.

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      We already have Black Comedy. It’s called British Politics.

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        I would say more of a farce like back in the 70’s

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      This sounds like a great idea!

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      Would be nice to have a culture show. I watch U.S one but would be good to have a U.K one.

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      Some proper comedy would be good, like taking the p*ss out of Mr Fafo and the Israeli skits

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      Check out Katie Hopkins.

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      An occasional guest doing a state of the nation rant would be good. Maybe someone like Andrew Lawrence or Leo Kearse.

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      With the world being what it is, the more humor you can inject in your news is greatly appreciated by me. As someone that is getting into a startup, you will need a good laugh and an adult beverage on a regular basis. And as your live commentators suggest “Eat your vegetables”.

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      Good morning, Everyone.

      I think it would be a cracking idea. Everybody needs a laugh and a joke while suppin’ a few beers.

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      Absolutely, everyone needs a break from everything going on.

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      Something to make us laugh amid all the madness cant be a bad thing 🙂

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      Hello definitely need more laughter. Maybe a sketch show 🤣🤣

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      Comedy on TousiTV!

      Would a live link to Parliament count showing our self-servers acting out keeping the nation safe whilst stuffing their pockets? Perhaps clips of Rik Mayall in The New Statesman should be shown for context!

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      Doesn’t mahyar messing up reading the news count as comedy ( asking for a friend) absolute chaos “

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      Pete Nik

      No more comedy PLEASEE the country is run by a bunch of comics with an even Worse bunch of comical jerkoffs sat in the wings hoping to take over gawd elp us if they do we are Srewed i tell screwed .

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      i like the news or nonsence chanel but i would like to see more on uk standing up for it’s self but i do love tousi tv

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      bbc verify already exists

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      I don’t want to watch comedy on a news channel. I cant get TousiTV on my television so I don’t want to sit at my computer and watch fpr any length of time.
      I am still relying on Youtube for my daily Mayhar fix.

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      there will soon be plenty of party political broadcasts that should be enough comedy to last a few months

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      I must admit that after years of Bankrupt Bullshoot Constipation “news” with its poker faced fact less, brainless Wokist(??) agenda some finely tuned, acerbic old school satire would be most welcome!

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      The trolls are the comedy

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      I understand how much time and finance it would take but TV content for my Grandsons age group (4 years old) is filled with wokeisms and propaganda. They are being influenced and many parents even my own daughter do not recognise what is happening.A new independent channel with TV shows for children with values we recognise in our homeland would be beneficial to everyone except those behind the woke content we see everyday.

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      I support that idea.

      Non-woke teachers telling the truth about actual subjects, stuff like the real history of this country.

      And the subjects they’ll need, Maths, Science etc.

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