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Leader Of Welsh Tories Announces New Team

Leader Of Welsh Tories Announces New Team

In anticipation of the 2026 Welsh Parliament elections, Andrew RT Davies, the leader of the Welsh Conservatives, has announced a significant reshuffle of his shadow cabinet.

With the next general election scheduled for this year, and the Welsh Parliament election set for no later than May 2026, Davies is positioning his party early for a robust campaign.

The reshuffle comes with over two years left until voters head to the polls, providing the new team ample time to establish their agenda and connect with constituents.

Davies praised his revamped cabinet, describing them as “the next generation of Welsh Conservative trailblazers,” signalling a fresh and dynamic approach to the party’s strategy and policy priorities.

This strategic move by Davies suggests a proactive approach to leadership and party development, aiming to strengthen the party’s position within Welsh politics.

The reshuffle is seen as an opportunity to inject new energy into the party and refine their vision for Wales, focusing on issues most pertinent to the electorate.

As the Welsh Conservatives prepare to navigate the complexities of upcoming electoral challenges, the reshuffle marks a pivotal moment for Davies and his party, setting the stage for their future political endeavours in Wales.

The reshuffled Shadow Cabinet is as follows:
Leader of the Welsh Conservatives – Andrew RT Davies MS
Shadow Minister for Transport – Natasha Asghar MS
Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Early Years – Gareth Davies MS
Shadow Minister for West Wales, Chair of the Senedd Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee – Paul Davies MS
Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs – James Evans MS
Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Senedd Commissioner – Janet Finch-Saunders MS
Shadow Minister for Finance and Local Government – Peter Fox MS
Shadow Minster for Mid Wales and Deputy Whip, Chair of the Senedd Health and Social Care Committee – Russell George MS
Shadow Minister for Education and Welsh Language, Co-Chair of the Senedd Wales Covid-19 Inquiry Special Purpose Committee – Tom Giffard MS
Shadow Minister for Social Care – Dr Altaf Hussain MS
Shadow Counsel General and Shadow Minister for Housing and Planning, Chair of the Senedd Public Accounts and Public Administration Committee – Mark Isherwood MS
Shadow Minister for Social Partnership – Joel James MS
Shadow Minister for Culture, Sport, Tourism and Social Justice – Laura Anne Jones MS
Shadow Minister for Economy and Energy, Group Chair – Samuel Kurtz MS
Shadow Minister Constitution and North Wales, Chief Whip and Business Manager – Darren Millar MS
Shadow Minister for Health, Policy Director – Sam Rowlands MS

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