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Peter Bone Has Tory Whip Removed

Peter Bone Has Tory Whip Removed

Peter Bone MP has had his Tory whip removed as he is set for a six-week suspension following an investigation revealing bullying and sexual misconduct towards a former staffer.

The Parliament’s Independent Expert Panel (IEP) unearthed incidents of indecent exposure and physical assault.

Despite denying these claims as “without foundation”, the repercussions were immediate; the Tory whip was withdrawn, rendering him an independent MP, unable to re-contest as a Tory.

The proposed suspension awaits MP approval in the Commons, potentially triggering a recall petition and a consequent by-election in his Wellingborough constituency, traditionally a Conservative stronghold.

This unfolding scandal, dating back over a decade, shadows Bone’s political future while opening a gateway for Labour in the forthcoming general elections amidst constituency boundary alterations.

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