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Yousaf Slams Starmer For Not Calling For Israel To Surrender To Hamas

Yousaf Slams Starmer For Not Calling For Israel To Surrender To Hamas

SNP leader Humza Yousaf has criticised Labour’s Keir Starmer for threatening to sack shadow cabinet members who call for Israel to surrender to Hamas.

Yousaf whose party is leading the campaign to force Israel to surrender to Hamas have labeled their cause as ‘ceasefire’.

“Keir Starmer is reportedly threatening to sack any Labour frontbench MP who votes for a ceasefire tomorrow”, said SNP leader. He continued: “what a complete lack of moral leadership. The SNP will force a vote on a ceasefire. This is a plea for every MP to do the right thing and vote with their conscience.”

Labour’s warning suggests that more than ten dismissals could be on the horizon, underscoring a significant rift within the party ranks.

The Labour leadership claim their stance is clear: support for the ceasefire motion is deemed incompatible with a frontbench role.

This development represents a crucial test for Starmer’s leadership, as he navigates internal party dynamics and external pressures. With the looming vote and potential repercussions for dissenting MPs, the Labour Party faces a pivotal moment that could redefine its political future.

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