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Simon Case Steps Back ‘Temporarily’ As Cabinet Secretary

Simon Case Steps Back ‘Temporarily’ As Cabinet Secretary

Cabinet Secretary Simon Case is set to take a short medical leave amid a challenging period for Rishi Sunak’s leadership.

The Cabinet Office confirmed Case’s temporary step down due to a “private medical matter,” reassuring his return in a “few weeks.”

This comes at a time of heightened tension both abroad, with the looming threat of an Israeli invasion of Gaza, and domestically following two by-election defeats for the Tories.

Case’s absence is notable as he was scheduled to provide critical testimony in the Covid-19 public inquiry regarding the government’s pandemic response.

While away, it’s anticipated that Sunak will brief the cabinet on the unfolding scenarios. Although Case’s absence is brief, the timing adds pressure on the government, spotlighting the substantial role he holds in navigating through these turbulent waters.

His prior experience as a private secretary for Prince William had brought him under scrutiny, yet his absence, however brief, leaves a temporary void in a crucial governmental role.

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